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Become a Recruitment Specialist

At Huntress we know that the best people are hard to come by, but we are committed to finding you. We want to recruit our leaders of tomorrow. It doesn’t matter whether you have just graduated or you have previous experience in sales or recruitment, we can help you grow with a structured career path.

If you'd like to join Huntress as a recruiter, please send us your CV or give us a call on 020 7744 1300.


Our Culture

Quite simply, we want to create a working environment that attracts and retains the best, where there is every chance to succeed and every possibility of progressing and developing within our company.

Training – our Sales Academy programmes are tailored to people at all levels and include basic sales and recruitment techniques as well as on-going development programmes tailored to experienced recruiters.

Incentives – our recruiters can earn a no-threshold commission from day one, as part of a combined individual and team commission structure, and we also reward loyalty, dedication and length of service. We recognise all our teams regularly for both individual and team achievements, including team holidays, personalised rewards and paid leave for charity work.


Working at Huntress

At Huntress Group we live by our Values, they even form part of how we will interview you. We believe in:


Teamwork - We believe in the value of teamwork and like being part of a team. Our teams are built on trust, respect and collaboration.

Ambition - We keep aiming higher, setting and communicating ambitious goals.

Accountability - If we say we will do something then we will do it.

Integrity - We act fairly and ethically in everything we do. We apply the same principles, whether an action is public or private, by delivering a clear message internally and externally. We keep our people informed and share relevant information between our colleagues.

Invest in relationships - We build lasting partnerships with our staff and customers throughout their careers. We strive to deliver an outstanding service to everyone and consider the long-term impact of our actions as a business. 


We are Best Companies accredited

In the Sunday Times Best Companies 2016, 2015 and 2014 surveys, our employees ranked “Team” as our strongest attribute, followed by "My Company" and "My Manager".


We have an elected CSR and Charity committee that strives to implement innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint as well as fundraising, wellbeing and social activities.

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